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And say good bye to the waterproof mascara, the remover-soaked Q-tips, the doubling down on powder, the brow-filler, not to mention making sure both eyes are evenly made up.


Since 2007, we’ve mastered the skills of eyelash extensions, brow tinting and shaping, waxing services, and permanent makeup for our clients. Let us take care of the painstaking details—so you can have the time for that extra morning coffee, or to learn a new language.

Say hello to a lower-maintenance you​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Lash Extensions


For eyelashes so luxe, you wouldn't believe you could wash your face, cry, even work out with them. Semi-permanent and customized to your desired look.




Hair be gone! We only use the highest quality ingredients to adjust for your skin type, including cream, gel, or for sensitive skin only.


Permanent Make-up


A modern-day favourite thanks to the embroidery technique—a feathering method that makes each stroke look like real human hair—the ink is applied by a handheld pen-like machine for utmost accuracy and natural results. Designed for fuller brows or the perfect lash-line eyeliner.

Ear Candling


Ear Candling is a simple and time proven therapy that can be very effective in removing troublesome and old blockage from the ear canal, without the use of solutions and probes. This natural way has helped people to rediscover the value of Ear Candling to cleanse the ear canal and sinus passages. It is a home remedy dating back to the year 2500 BC. Ancient cultures, including the Egyptians, made reference to it’s use. Even the findings of parchment scrolls in the Orient described the procedure for ear candling. Bees wax was, and still is, a key element for making the ear candles. The principle cloth used by ancient Egyptians was linen made from flax which were the fibres of a blue flowered annual plant..


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696A Queen St E, 2nd Floor,

Toronto, ON M4M 1G9