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Eyeliner Tattoo


  • Have more defined eyes and lashes, while still looking NATURAL

  • Look good 24/7 – wake up with makeup

  • WATERPROOF and SWEATPROOF (beneficial for those with active lifestyles or oily skin that cause makeup to smudge and wear off quickly)

  • Convenience – improve daily lifestyle and save time

  • Removes difficulties of makeup application (if you have bad vision or unsteady hands)

  • A possible option if you have allergies to cosmetics​

Healed Top liner tattoo


Levels of discomfort vary upon each individual’s pain threshold and sensitivity. To ensure maximum comfort during the procedure, a topical anesthetic (4-5% Lidocaine and 2% Tetracaine) will be applied before and during your treatment. Please note, if you are on your menstrual cycle you may be more sensitive to pain. Sleep, stress and caffeine can also play a factor in pain sensitivity.


Top eyeliner tattoo

it's all in the eyes...

but, you're tired of smudged and messy eyeliner makeup - you just want to set it and forget it, not worry about the tedious application day after day. Eyeliner micropigmentation could be your answer! Choose from basic, wedge or eyelash enhancement looks for top liner and add a bottom liner for a bolder, defined look, while still appearing natural.

liner tattoo Angela.jpg


  • Under the age of 18 years

  • Pregnant or nursing

  • Diabetic on the needle (will require doctor’s clearance)

  • Have an autoimmune disease (will require doctor’s clearance)

  • On blood thinners

  • Have epilepsy

  • Have infections (localized to the area or systemic) and/or diseases or are sick (cold/flu)

  • Have major heart problems

  • Had an organ transplant

  • Have skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis) or irritations (rashes, sunburn, acne, etc.) in or near the procedure area

  • Prone to keloid scars or hypertrophic scarring

  • Used Accutane in the past year

  • Undergoing chemotherapy or radiation (consult with your doctor)

  • Have sensitivities to dyes/pigments or local anesthetics (patch testing is available)

  • Have ocular herpes, a hordeolum, corneal abrasions/burns

  • Eye conditions that require use of medicated eye drops (consult with your doctor)

Other Considerations:

  • Very hooded eyelids may limit the extent to which the eyeliner can be done

  • Have lash extensions - must remove 1 week before tattooing (so not to damage the hair follicle)

  • Use Latisse or lash serum - must stop serums 4 weeks before tattooing


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